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Disconnection and reconnection in new name and bank details.
EAC CSC  Telephone number 1800.
Meter read 2 monthly and I paid by standing order but can be paid by cheque
Bills variable but overall about €900 a year


Blue Circle engineering. 1 Vathilakas Street, Strovolos Ind Est.  PO Box 28177 Nicosia.   
Telephone      Paphos  2627 0426       Nicosia  22441415
House account number is   
We usually read the amount of gas left in the tank and once it gets below 50% order a refill.
Best way of paying is to pay the delivery man when he delivers gas. Otherwise cheque to above address
Usually only need a refill 2-3 times between Dec and Feb – total about €300 a year


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Meter is read 2 monthly and bill delivered to house.
Cheque to the village office        Annually about €180

Village taxes
Invoice arrives October / November.   About €200 a year
Pay in village office before end December otherwise amount goes up 25%

Telephone and Broadband.
We have contract with Primetel.
At moment we have landline,  mobile, another mobile linked to burglar alarm and Broadband.
Total cost around €60 a month

Burglar alarm
ACME Securitas, Paphos     97 617886
5 Movement sensors and 1 door sensors             Works using keyfobs but security number is ----.
Very easy just to change batteries in sensors yourself annually. Switch system off first
Instruction booklet tells you how to reset everything
When the alarm goes off, you get messages on your phones as well as house siren
So you need to change the phone numbers that get the warning messages

We rent the little box under the TV (when it goes wrong switch all off at the wall then back on again)
approx. 600 channels including all UK and lots of films
We rent it from George at Future Electronics, Troodos road Limassol for €250 a year –
25389667 (His shop easy to find. Go into town on Troodos road and half mile before get to Makarios its on Left)

Air conditioning.
Ideally serviced every 3 - 4 years. Serviced July 2018
English engineer called Trevor – Home utilities – 99921915

Central Heating, water heating, gas boiler. Serviced December 2020
John Boulton, Pissouri  99 571 580

General Household repairs, maintenance, Plumbing, Advice, Gardening
Dougie Whitehorn and Marianna live in the village. If they can’t fix it they will tell you who can
Also very good at small building work eg. Add a new room, repair roof, etc
Good to keep them as friends
Dougie 99959882    Marianna 99010406