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For the last couple of years the website has been devoted to selling or renting our house in Cyprus and, at long last, things do seem to be moving. Not exactly the way we wanted but certainly better than nothing at all. Trying to get the deeds for the house has been a nightmare which we have not really woken up from yet. Officialdom and Public Service in Cyprus leaves a great deal to be desired - OK, OK so local taxes in the UK are much more than they are in Cyprus but at least you can rely on getting things done efficiently and comparatively quickly. As an example, the updated plans for our house were submitted to the Building Department in December 2019; they passed them on to Town Planning by October 2020 who gave their opinion and passed them back to The Building Department by May 2021. Next, they have to go to the land registry but goodness knows when that will be!! Our poor solicitor is tearing her hair out at the sheer incompetence and couldn't care less attitude of the trade union dominated public services here on the island.

Anyway, we are back! We left the house in Anogyra on Friday 28th May, stayed at a hotel in Larnaca on that night and then flew with British airways on Saturday 29th. We flew business class by using up some airmiles and because in business class we were allowed 4 suicases each weighing up to 32 KG - and we needed it!! They actually allowed us 5 cases so can you imagine it? 2 oldies lugging 5 suitcases and 4 handheld into the airport then collecting them at Heathrow, piling them onto 2 trollys and then pushing them through customs and out to arrivals where we were met by Rhian and Guy in 2 cars!! We were a bit worried that customs may have wanted a look because we were carrying so much but I'm sure the sheer volume put them off. Fortunately, immigration, customs and meet up went well and within 90 minutes of landing we were arriving at our new flat in Maidenhead. I think I can safely say that heavy duty travelling is over for Isobel and I - age doesn't reduce the excitement of travel but it certainly affects the physical ability.

And to be fair to Rhian, Guy, Gareth, James and many friends, they had worked their cobblers off getting the flat ready for us. Everything, furniture and all, previously stored in Guy's Dad's garage, had been transferred to the new flat ready for us - it was fabulous even down to the curtains and a fully stocked fridge. It really was a thoughtful thing to do and made life so much easier for us. And you should have seen James's face when Rhian gave him a call and asked him to pop round to the flat and help move some boxes; he had no idea we were there and I wish I had my camera to record his face when he walked in and saw us!!

Anyway, we are well into quarantine, everything we brought is unpacked and much to our liking. The next thing - is what on earth do we do with 40 boxes of bits from Cyprus when it arrives. We are moving from a 4 bed big house to a 2 bed apartment!!! I can assure you that there will be a lot of bits disappearing into charity shops and onto EBay in the not too distant future. Naturally, family and friends will be given 1st choice so watch this space!!

Address is  10 Riverine,  Grosvenor Drive, Maidenhead.  SL6 8PF
Home phone number : 01628 319951
Barrie :       07831099635
Isobel :       07586785563
website :

Richard, down in Newport, has had an eventful couple of years. Started off in October 2018 when he experienced chest pain and breathing difficulties. Cutting a long story short, he ended up in Cardiff Royal Infirmary undergoing a triple heart bypass and Mitral valve replacement. He is still going through multiple medical appointments and taking enough tablets to make the contents of a Smartie Tube look insignificant but is coping well and uncomplaining. His job is driving a refrigerated van around the country using up all the hours created and covering many thousands of miles. Covid has been a blessing for him as many of his journeys are carrying Covid samples around the country.

Down in Maidenhead, Covid has been a blessing for Rhian as well. She is heavily involved in giving vaccine injections and, to date, is well past the 5000 mark! Guy has a job working with a shipping company near Heathrow. Moving on to the boys; Gareth has had his Baccalaureate assessments after months of working from home and has been offered a place in Reading University next October reading property management. James has just finished his in house O level assessments and will be starting his Baccalaureate/ A Level course in October - his leanings at the moment are towards architecture. No medical interests as far as the boys are concerned so the Evans/ Davies/Culley, medical/nursing leanings are coming to an end!!!

That's all for the moment folks. I will keep you all up to date as time goes on and, if you want, just click on the contact page to send a message or picture that you would like to see on the website. Sorry but not all pages are available at the moment but as soon as they are updated I will let you know. Without doubt we will see you all soon

Lots of love.


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